Our Approach

Our Approach

CHRICED promotes understanding and commitment of citizens and groups to the ideals, values and principles of democracy. It enhances citizens understanding lest they become cynical, apathetic, or simply withdraw from political life when their expectations are not met. This is based on our firm belief of the critical role of citizens and groups as the driver and sustainer of democracy. Without the active involvement of citizens in political life, the power and legitimacy of government is questioned and democracy and democratic culture will be threatened. Under Our Approach: the following bullet points should follow with pictures.

  • Citizen Participation

CHRICED shares with citizens and communities, the pathways towards influencing public decisions by participating in democratic decision-making process. Training and citizen dialogues are important to achieving the participation of citizens in the democratic and governance process. We seek to share and listen to ideas, as we work towards building active citizens who understand how to voice their interests, act collectively and hold public officials accountable. For democracy to work, citizens must understand the rudiments of the democratic process, just duty bearers need knowledge to make good policy choices and understand the proper use of authority. (Photo) 

  • Advocacy/Outreach

We work for the advancement of a democratic, representative, and inclusive political culture in Nigeria. CHRICED understand that such cultural change is only possible if it acts as a catalyst and organizer of people by equipping them with the skills to foster the development of a democratic culture. Through advocacy and outreaches, we share knowledge and principles of human rights and democracy. This platform aims to guide and lead the people in demanding and enforcing political accountability, the integrity of the electoral process, budgetary transparency, and other principles of democratic political culture.  

  • Grassroots organising

We utilise collective action, through Grassroots Organising, from the local level to effect change at the local, regional and national level. CHRICED is associated with bottom-up, rather than top-down decision making – with emphasis on social struggle in order to generate collective power for the powerless. (Photo)

  • Coalition Building/Networking

CHRICED is clear that a democratic political culture is a mass social phenomenon.  No group of persons – no matter how dedicated or hard working they may be – can create a mass culture.  This is especially so as creating such a culture implies a mental and behavioural change of revolutionary proportions.  Therefore, CHRICED seeks to plant both of its feet in the masses and work to actually build a mass movement for the development and advancement of a democratic political culture in Nigeria.  To do this, CHRICED through its Coalition Building and Networking identifies and work with sections of the populace that are capable of being the backbone and co-creator of such a movement.

  • Capacity Building

CHRICED understands the enormous challenges and the dynamics of the political environment it chooses to work. We, therefore, pay much more attention to developing the capacity of our staff, community leaders and volunteers in the communication skills required to work effectively with local and poor communities. The capacity includes training in community organising, public speaking, and writing of advocacy messages