CHRICED Launches Project On Maternal Mortality Scourge

THE Resource Centre for Human Rights & Civic Education (CHRICED), at the weekend, launched its project on Fostering Local Governance Development, in Kano State, with focus on combating the scourge of maternal mortality.

According to the organisers, the project, expected to focus on two council areas, Gwale and Kumbotso, is about active citizen’s participation in governance at the local level, with the ultimate goal of getting concrete deliverables from their representatives in government.

In his speech, the Executive Director of CHRICED, Comrade Ibrahim M. Zikirullahi, said the project seeks to tap the latent power of the citizen, by fostering robust civic participation towards engagements that would bring about clear-cut changes in their social conditions.

“We are convinced that it is not enough to call on citizens to participate in governance. It is critical that whatever the kind of participation in the governance process, such participation must be in the pursuit of specific interests that pertain to the sustainment or improvement of the social conditions of citizens.

“In other words, we have collectively elected to use the problem of maternal mortality as the rallying point around which active citizens in these two local governments can get their governments to work for them. It is in response to these realities that CHRICED, in close consultation with communities in the two target councils in Kano State, deemed it utmost necessity to implement this project,” he said.

Zikirullahi said it is important to stress that those affected by the problem of maternal mortality, should not be seen as helpless victims of the problem. But should be seen as a powerful bloc of citizens, which if armed with the right information, would move and engage all relevant government structures in the search for solutions.

“It is pertinent to recall that in our previous projects, in these same target areas, we had worked tirelessly to equip citizens, activists and community leaders with the advocacy and mobilisation skills, with which to make concrete demands for the improvement of their social conditions.

“In this phase of the project, therefore, we are confident that those community mobilisation and civic skills will shine through as active citizens in the project target areas work, with all passion to ensure government responds to the governed on the issue of reversing the scourge of maternal mortality.

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