Reproductive Health

For the Resource Centre for Human Rights and Civic Education (CHRICED), the poster issue of maternal health is being used to raise the banner in the clarion call for good governance. Achieving this task of holding government to account, for many activists, would only be possible if there are signature issues around which the people can be mobilised. CHRICED mission is to deepen the accountability components of the Nigerian democratic experience, using maternal health as one of the issues around which citizens should demand action from government. With support from Misereor KZE of Germany, CHRICED has been advocating for better maternal health outcomes in Kano State, from a rights based perspectives. Our platform thrives on the conviction that democracy must work to deliver benefits to the ordinary people of this country. We raise awareness about the violence against women, sexual violence, institutional weaknesses, and rampant impunity which leaves women unprotected and with little access to justice. In 2016, CHRICED work on reversing the scourge of maternal mortality paved the way for its invitation to be a member of the Women Advocates for Vaccine Access (WAVA), a group of civic organisations working to improve immunisation and vaccine uptake, especially in hard to reach parts of the country. Click here to read the CHRICED report on maternal health.