We envision a genuinely democratic Nigeria, where the well-being of the vast majority of citizens is the central concern of both the government and the governed.


We are committed to the advancement of a democratic, representative, and inclusive political culture in Nigeria. The key vehicle of our philosophy is that civic education dissemination is cardinal to the empowerment of the citizens.

Since the advent of Nigeria’s current democratic dispensation in 1999, citizens have struggled to get their voices heard in the political process. Contrary to expectations, the disengagement of the military from the political space did not automatically translate to genuine democracy. The authoritarian character of the civilian political elite, who took the reins from the military has robbed citizens of their voice and denied them the space to participate in the political and governance processes. Although the ritual of periodic elections gave the impression that the people were deciding those who lead them, the electoral process, has been characterized by impunity.

Consequently, the sovereign voice of the electorate has been serially suppressed by the political class due to the problems presented by the reality of a democracy without a full complement of democrats. Governance has suffered severely from this lack of a real democratic ethos; this has precipitated unbridled corruption, and further alienated citizens.

We are convinced that these threats to democracy and good governance cannot be addressed by despair or apathy and are of the considered position that citizens need to get into the space, and push to change the direction of their country. Therefore, we serve as a platform to canalize and activate the aspirations of citizens for the ideals and values of democracy and good governance.